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4 Reasons to Book a Dental Checkup Early in the Year

January 26, 2024

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An older woman getting a dental checkup early in the year

Well, it’s January once again – 2024 is finally here. You’ve likely started planning out the new year by now. After all, many goals, projects, and trips can take months of prep work. Still, don’t neglect your more immediate tasks. It’d be best to book a dental checkup early in the year. That way, the next twelve months will go more smoothly. Read on to learn some good reasons for an early dental visit with your local Dallas dentist.

Start the Year Strong

Of course, it hasn’t been 2024 for long. January has only just started – there are eleven months to go. So, you have time to set up this year for success. Taking certain actions now will ensure your calendar has good things in store.

In reality, one of those actions is an early dental checkup. Attending this visit means you’ll avoid oral problems later. To that extent, you’ll save yourself time, money, and hassle. Plus, the checkup will let you start 2024 with a clean and fresh smile. You won’t have to deal with post-holiday plaque.

Book the Visit While You Can

True enough, you have all year to get twice-yearly dental checkups. The “deadline” for these visits isn’t until the end of December. However, you’d be wise to book the first one while there’s time.

You see, dental appointment slots often fill up quickly. People who delay their checkups may find that a dentist can’t see them in time. Should that happen, you won’t get the crucial preventive care you need. Your mouth will then suffer as a result.

Meet Your Deductible

If you didn’t already know, dental insurance “resets” after the first of the year. You’ll have to pay a deductible (again) to enjoy your plan’s benefits. Otherwise, you must cover all your dental expenses out-of-pocket.

Luckily, an early dental checkup could help with things. Paying for it could let you reach your deductible more quickly. However, many plans don’t allow this approach. A checkup may only count toward your deductible if it finds a problem. In that case, treating the issue would activate your benefits for 2024.

Maximize Your Insurance

Maybe your deductible isn’t a concern right now. Even then, an early checkup is a good move. The visit lets you maximize your plan benefits.

Remember, most dental plans cover twice-yearly dental checkups at 100%. Many fail to utilize this coverage and don’t attend both visits. That said, an early visit would prevent this outcome. You’d get the most out of your insurance with little money spent.

Indeed, a dental checkup early in the year is a wise choice. Go ahead and schedule one now – you won’t regret it!

About the Practice

Bear Creek Family Dentistry is based in Dallas, TX. Led by its wonderful dentists, our practice strives to give every patient a healthy and gorgeous grin. We thus offer preventive, cosmetic, and restorative work, as well as emergency dentistry. Naturally, our team is ready for anything – from dental checkups to dental implants! For more details or to book a visit, you can reach us on our website or by phone at (214) 350-5333.

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