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What Are Risk Factors for Oral Cancer & How Do You Avoid It?

April 24, 2022

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You sure have been tired lately, even when it comes to handling simple tasks like brushing your teeth. Since you already had a dentist’s appointment set, maybe it will provide some insight before you call your doctor. What could your dentist find that would be responsible? You know that oral cancer screenings are standard during checkups, but hopefully, that doesn’t lead to any frightful discovery. According to the American Cancer Society, over 51,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. While that statistic is worrisome, it is important to remember that an early diagnosis and prompt treatment can improve your chances of survival. With that in mind, read on as your dentist in Mesquite shares the signs, risk factors, and prevention tactics.


Why Invest Your Tax Refund to Improve Your Oral Health?

April 16, 2022

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wallet of money

While it arrives on April 18 this year, the federal tax-filing deadline typically falls on April 15. When you receive a tax refund, you probably get excited to see a little bit of extra cash on hand that doesn’t need to be devoted to your normal expenditures. There are all sorts of things you could spend it on, but many people tend to blow it on items they don’t really need. One option you could definitely benefit from is investing in your oral health. Continue reading to learn from your dentist near Love Field a few reasons why you should put your tax refund into your smile!


How Does Coffee Affect Your Dental Health?

April 10, 2022

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people drinking cups of coffee

A fresh, hot cup of coffee is the foundation of a great morning for many people. It gives you the energy you need to make the most out of your day. Did you know that over half of the American adult population begins their day with coffee? This beverage has shown to have many health benefits, but there are some concerns as well. This is especially the case when it comes to your dental health. Read on to learn from your dentist in far North Dallas about how coffee affects your oral health and discoloration, plus what you can do to minimize these consequences.


Tips on Easter Candies That Are Bad for Your Teeth

April 4, 2022

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Easter is right around the corner. Even though it is usually on a different day each year, you know when this occasion is coming up because the aisles of your local grocery store begin to fill up with candy. While having a piece of candy from time to time doesn’t usually do much harm, especially with excellent oral hygiene, people who indulge too much could end up with some oral health issues to address. Continue reading to learn from your dentist in Duncanville which sweets you and your children should go easy on this Easter, plus some tooth-friendly alternatives, relatively speaking.


4 Best Practices for Dental Hygiene You Shouldn’t Skip!

March 30, 2022

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man brushing his teeth in Duncanville

Having a good dental hygiene is all about preventing cavities and most other oral health issues from starting. Most times this involves brushing and flossing your pearly whites daily, but perhaps there are other essential preventive measures to consider. Listen to your dentist in Duncanville as they explain four additional best practices you should always follow!


Can Dental Health Issues Be Hereditary?

March 22, 2022

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Genetics play a major role in the qualities we’re born with, such as the color of our eyes and hair. But did you know there are some characteristics in our dental health that are hereditary? While we can mostly maintain clean teeth with preventive care, there could also be issues that might not be in our control. Keep reading from your dentist in Love Field to learn about several dental conditions that can be passed down to you.


When Should You Replace A Toothbrush?

March 16, 2022

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one new and one old toothbrush in North Dallas

Part of maintaining a good dental hygiene is to use an effective toothbrush. By using a decent one, you’ll actively prevent oral health issues from the comfort of your home. While this is essential for a clean and strong smile, you’ll have to get a new one at some point. But when is it the right time to replace one? Read on to learn from your dentist in North Dallas how often you should replace your toothbrush, and several other reasons you’ll want to update it!


4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Pearly Whites!

March 8, 2022

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woman smiling in Mesquite

Spring is the season to be renewed and feeling fresh. Part of this involves tidying up your living space, whether it’s clearing out the closet or dusting the cabinets. But did you know you could also spring clean your pearly whites? Keep reading from your dentist in Mesquite to learn four ways to improve your dental hygiene!


Fun Hygiene Products to Celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month

February 16, 2022

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little boy brushing teeth

February is Children’s Dental Health Month, a time to celebrate and preserve your little one’s natural smile. Most children do not fully grasp the significance of their oral health early in life, so it is up to parents to educate and encourage them to care for their teeth and gums. How can you motivate your children to take better care of their teeth? You can introduce some helpful and fun tools that will engage your child and improve their ability to foster a healthier smile. Here are 4 fun oral hygiene products for children recommended by a family dentist in Mesquite.


4 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy During the Cold & Flu Season

February 10, 2022

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 little girl smiling after seeing dentist in far north Dallas

Believe it or not, toddlers and young children are likely to contract up to eight colds per year. This can manifest into long cycles of nose-blowing, fevers, and coughing during cold and flu season. While some parents have come to accept and expect their child’s frequent illnesses, there are many ways to reduce health risks. Below, a dentist in far north Dallas will lay out a few ways you can tweak your child’s oral health routine to protect them during the cold and flu season. These strategies will help alleviate some symptoms and health risks associated with overall physical and oral health.

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