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Rinse & Repeat: How Much Mouthwash You Should Use

January 18, 2024

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A blurred woman pouring mouthwash into a cup

Like many people today, you probably brush twice daily and floss once daily. These habits are crucial to your oral health in the long run. That said, perhaps you overlook mouthwash – a fine way to strengthen your teeth and gums. Maybe you skip it due to a lack of knowledge. Well, your Mesquite dentist can help correct that latter flaw. Read on to learn how much mouthwash you should use, including proper usage methods and at what age it’s safe.

How Much Mouthwash Should You Use?

To get the most out of mouthwash, you must use the right amount. Rinsing with too little won’t benefit your smile. On the other hand, rinsing with too much has harmful side effects. You’ll thus need a quantity that balances out.

Ultimately, it’s best to use roughly 20ml of mouthwash per rinse. This amount is roughly the same as 2/3 of one fluid ounce or four teaspoons. Also, you shouldn’t ingest this quantity more than twice in 24 hours. Drinking an excess of mouthwash can cause severe stomach and intestine issues.

What’s the Proper Way to Use It?

Aside from the amount, you’ll also want to grasp the best way to use mouthwash. Here are the steps to its proper usage:

  1. Pour your mouthwash into a small cup.
  2. Empty the cup into your mouth.
  3. Swish your mouth for thirty seconds and gargle the mouthwash. Allow it to reach all areas of your mouth —the roof, teeth, gums, tongue, etc.
  4. Spit the solution into the sink. As you do, try not to swallow it.

In terms of frequency, carry out this process twice daily. Each session should start when you finish brushing your teeth.

At What Age Is Mouthwash Safe?

While a great resource, mouthwash isn’t safe for everyone. It’s only helpful to oral health when you fall within a specific age range.

In particular, children under twelve shouldn’t use mouthwash. Such kids are more likely to swallow the liquid by accident. By doing so, they might develop fluorosis or similar problems. If you suspect your child has a major oral issue, it’s better to take them to a dentist instead.

At most, kids between six and twelve may use a non-alcoholic oral rinse. Even then, though, they should only do so when supervised by an adult. Otherwise, keep all mouth rinses out of your child’s reach.

Ultimately, knowing how much mouthwash you should use will benefit your smile. So, rinse with a good brand to keep your mouth clean and fresh!

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